Washing tower

The washing tower is composed of a tower body, a tray, a reboiler, and a condenser. Since the scrubber is a device for coarse separation, the number of trays is generally small and usually does not exceed ten. The washing tower is suitable for separation

 The principle of the scrubber is mainly based on the composition of the odor, using strong acid (sulfuric acid), strong alkali (sodium hydroxide), strong oxidant (sodium hypochlorite) as the washing spray solution to contact the odor molecules in the gas, so that the odor component of the gas phase It is transferred to the liquid phase, and the odorous substance is removed by neutralizing and oxidizing the chemical with the odor component.
The commonly used washing equipment is a packed tower, the chemical absorption liquid is sprayed down from the top of the tower, the exhaust gas flows upward, and the odor is sufficiently contacted with the absorption liquid to react and is removed. The ratio of the absorption liquid to the exhaust gas flow rate (liquid/gas ratio) is generally 1-3 L/m3, the packing height is generally 2-5 m, and the gas empty column flow rate is generally 0.5-1 m/sec. The well-operated packed tower can achieve a deodorizing effect of over 90%.
Performance characteristics
1. Washing tower processing system, the price is cheap, and the processing method is simple;
2. The vertical structure is most suitable for economic space installation;
3. Suitable for gaseous and liquid pollution sources;
4. Handling a single source of pollution;
5. Suitable for medium and low air volume;
Scope of application
1. Treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, SOx, NOx, HCI, NH3, CI2;
2. Deodorization device for garbage transfer station and sewage treatment plant;
3. Exhaust treatment of semiconductor optoelectronic industry;
4. Treatment of exuded water and storage tank waste gas from landfills;
5. Exhaust gas treatment from incinerators and industrial furnaces.