Washing and deodorizing equipment

The washing and deodorizing device adopts a special structure with a relatively large surface area as a mass transfer carrier and a dewatering filler, and at the same time, the odor purifying working fluid is used as an absorption washing liquid, and the
working principle
The working fluid is atomized and sprayed on the surface of the filler to form a uniform liquid film on the surface of the filler. When the extracted odor-containing air passes through the filler layer, the odor molecules and fine dust in the gas are intercepted by the liquid film on the filler. , block, transfer from the gas phase to the liquid phase, and the effective molecules in the liquid phase working solution, through the action of the odor purification working fluid, the odor molecules will be adsorbed and decomposed, and the purified gas will be discharged to the outside to achieve the odor purification. the goal of.

Working process

Applicable place
It is suitable for relatively closed places such as garbage compression station, indoor sewage treatment station, chemical laboratory, under ground parking lot and film room in close residential areas.