Walnut shell filter

Filtration is the most effective means to remove suspended solids in water. However, the general filtration process for oily sewage is of little effect. The requirements for water purification of injected water in various major oilfields in the country ar

Technical performance and main features

The product adopts the specially processed walnut shell as the filter medium, has strong adsorption capacity, and the filter material can be backwashed and regenerated. Strong pressure resistance (23.4kgf/cm3), stable chemical properties (not easily dissolved in acid and alkali solution), high hardness. Good wear resistance, no need to replace for long-term use, strong adsorption and interception capacity (adsorption rate 25-53%), good hydrophilicity, anti-oil immersion. Because the specific gravity of the filter material is slightly larger than water (1.225g/cm3), the backwashing regeneration is convenient. The biggest feature is that the water is backwashed directly before filtration, without the need of gas source and chemical agent, low running cost, convenient management and backwashing. Low strength, good effect, filter material is not easy to rot, durable, and can be used in single or double series according to water quality requirements.
Filter material name Quartz sand Walnut shell
Effect Oil removal rate (%) 40-50 82-93
Suspension removal rate (%) 50-65 85-96
Filtration speed (m/h) 8-12 25-30
Backwashing strength (L/S·m2) 16 6-7
Filter material maintenance method 2-3 years replacement once a year 10%
Other relevant technical parameters

Treatment water volume: 10-180m3/h
Design pressure: 0.6MPa
Working temperature: 5-75 ° C
Backwash duration: 8-10min
Working water pressure: >0.3MPa

Pre-filtration water quality requirements:

Oil content: ≤120mg/L

SS content: ≤30mg/L

Filtered water quality indicators:

Primary treatment:
Oil removal rate: 93%
Oil content: ≤10mg/L
SS content: ≤5mg/L
Secondary treatment:
Oil removal rate: 65%
Oil content: ≤5mg/L
SS content: ≤3mg/L

The ordering unit should provide detailed wastewater and water quality data to be equipped with equipment and filter media specifications.
The company produces specific equipment according to the special requirements of users.
All units that require feasibility studies can be undertaken by our company.
This equipment can be supplied in a single package or in a single unit.