Spiral water sand seperator

The spiral sand water separator is used for sewage treatment plants and grit chambers, and the grit chamber is used to separate the sand water mixture discharged from the grit chamber.

Structure and working principle

The sand water separator consists of a shaftless spiral, a lining strip, a U-shaped groove, a water tank, a baffle and a driving device.
work process:
The sand water mixture is input into the water tank from the top of one end of the separator, and the heavy liquid such as sand grains in the mixed liquid will be deposited on the bottom of the U-shaped groove. Under the push of the spiral, the sand grains are lifted along the inclined U-shaped groove bottom, leaving the liquid surface. After that, the sand continues to be removed for a distance. After the sand is fully dehydrated, it is discharged to the sand tank through the sand discharge port, and the water separated from the sand is discharged from the overflow port and sent to the inlet pool.
The separation efficiency can be as high as 90-98%, and particles having a particle diameter of ≥0.2 mm can be separated.
It adopts shaftless spiral and waterless bearing for easy maintenance.
Compact and lightweight.
The new type of transmission, the key part of the reducer - is the advanced shaft-mounted type, without the coupling, the installation is convenient.
The lining is quick-loading and easy to replace.
The axial position of the screw is adjustable, which makes it easy to adjust the safety clearance between the tail end and the tank wall.