Shallow air flotation device

It can be widely used in water treatment projects in oil refining, paper making, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, metal processing, food and other industries.
Dissolved air flotation is to try to introduce a large number of dense micro-bubbl


Adopt "zero speed principle" and "shallow pool " design
Residence time moment 3~5 minutes
Surface load is 9.6~12m3/m2·h
Pool depth does not exceed 700mm
Forced to water, the water is static
Adhesion of fine bubbles to flocs occurs throughout the air flotation separation process including the contact zone
The discharge of clean water is the instantaneous removal of scum after solid-liquid separation, isolation and discharge, small disturbance of water body
The slag solid content is as high as 3~4%
Automatic cleaning at the bottom of the pool during operation
The effluent suspension removal rate is over 90%
Dissolved gas pipe is unique in design, small in volume and high in dissolved gas efficiency
Lightweight, easy to transport and install

Structure and working principle

The central rotating section includes water ingress, water distribution, water collection and scum removal machinery, which rotates along the pool at the same speed as the spiral bucket and inlet flow rate.
The raw water enters from the rotary joint in the center of the pool, and the water is distributed through the water distribution device. The water distribution water distributor and the water collector are rotated at the same speed with the rotating bracket, and the rotation speed is the same as the speed of entering and leaving the water, thus generating "zero speed". The application of this principle is the key to the equipment, so that the influent water does not disturb the raw water, so that the suspension and sedimentation of the particles are carried out under a static condition.
The scum collected by the spiral bucket is discharged by gravity to a stationary central portion.
The clean water is discharged from the collecting pipe, and the collecting pipe is rotated together in the central portion, and the air-floating separation time of the raw water is the turning cycle of the central rotating portion.
A scraper attached to the moving water distributor scrapes the sludge from the bottom of the tank and the wall of the tank into the mud bucket for regular discharge.
The rotation of the walking part and the mud bucket is driven by a motor and the center slip ring is powered.