Integrated water purifier

It is often used for turbidity purification of domestic drinking water and industrial water using surface water such as rivers and lakes as water sources, and can also be used for deep reuse of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.
Process structure and characteristics
The equipment adopts three water purification technologies: comprehensive reaction, sedimentation and filtration, and has:
1. The equipment is compact and integrated, with convenient management and small footprint;
2. The project has a small amount of infrastructure, quick investment, easy combination and support, which is conducive to the construction of the project in phases;
3. Intermittent or continuous operation. Stable performance, high processing efficiency, no noise at work.

Order instruction:
1. This product does not consider insulation measures. For cold areas, the insulation method can be pointed according to local conditions.
2. If there are special requirements for materials and corrosion protection, please indicate.
3. If necessary, the matching valves, pumps, pipe fittings, etc. should be noted.