Integrated meal washing wastewater treatment equipment

Our company has developed a set of “integrated meal washing wastewater treatment equipment” with low energy consumption and good treatment effect for the washing wastewater. It is designed according to the different needs of users and customized for custo
The device has the following advantages:

1. Using a micro-powered coagulation air flotation device, a large amount of suspended solids and oil slick in the wastewater are floated and removed by a scraping device. Compared with the original dissolved air flotation device, the power consumption is 50%, and the effect is better than the traditional dissolved air flotation.
2. The biochemical treatment system adopts the A/O process. The action of a large number of  acidification bacteria in the A pool can rapidly degrade the organic matter in the wastewater, convert the refractory macromolecular organic matter into small molecular organic matter, and improve the biodegradability of the wastewater. Denitrification and denitrification. The O pool adopts the contact oxidation process, which has high treatment efficiency and low energy consumption; the SVI value is low, the sludge is easy to precipitate, and the sludge expansion phenomenon does not occur; the maintenance and management are easy, the operation is stable, and the treated water quality is good.
3. In order to ensure the water output effect, the integrated equipment is equipped with a fully automatic filtration system to ensure the effluent quality of the wastewater.
4. Electrical control system, the electronic control system uses the combination of liquid level and equipment running time to adjust the operation and stop of the whole equipment, which can ensure good treatment effect and save operating cost to the owner.
5. The equipment is armored and produced, with small floor space and convenient installation and operation.
6. Low power consumption and low operating costs.

Model NO table
Mdel No capacity(m3/d) dimension(m) foundation (m)
CXW-0.5 12 6.0×1.5×2.0 6.6×2.1×0.35
CXW-1 24 8.0×2.0×2.0 8.6×2.6×0.35
CXW-2 48 9.0×2.5×2.5 9.6×2.6×0.35
CXW-3 72 10.0×2.8×3.0 10.6×3.4×0.35
CXW-4 96 13.0×2.8×3.0 13.6×3.4×0.35
CXW-5 120 16.0×2.8×3.0 16.6×3.4×0.35
The emission standards are different and the equipment size is different. If it is not within the user's choice, it can be designed according to the amount of water provided by the user.
Processing chart