High efficiency fast fiber ball filter

Removal of suspended solids from raw water quality. It is widely used in the water supply treatment of high standard water quality requirements in life and various industries. It can also be used as an advanced treatment for various wastewater reuse.

Coarse filtration: Influent SS<100mg/L
Effluent SS<5-10mg/L
Industrial water supply
Pretreatment of concentration treatment
Side filtration and wastewater reuse
Air conditioning circulating cooling water
Swimming pool circulating water
Fine filtration: Influent SS<20mg/L
Effluent SS<1mg/L
Oilfield water injection
Chemical solution fine filtration
Electronic high standard water
Other high precision water

Structure and characteristics

The high-efficiency and fast fiber ball filter series is a steel round tank with fiber balls as the filter medium. According to the backwashing method, there are two types of gas separation recoil (GXQ) and mechanical backwash (GXJ type), which have:
The filter speed is high, the processing capacity is large, the operation effect is stable, and the equipment occupies less land;
Compact and integrated, easy to install and operate;
The filter material has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high porosity, large sewage capacity, moderate specific gravity and easy backwashing.
The main technical parameters
Filtration turbidity: 20-50m/h
Large working pressure: <0.6MPa
Head loss: 3-10m
Flushing strength: 3m3/min·m2 (air impulse)
0.6m3/min·m2 (water flush)
Flushing duration: 10-20min