Efficient fast clarifier

High-efficiency and rapid clarifier is mainly used for power plant acid-base wastewater, boiler wastewater and boiler pickling wastewater treatment system, municipal water supply project high turbidity water pretreatment, sewage plant high concentration m


Introducing and absorbing the advanced technology and design of similar products, optimizing the design of the whole and key parts of the equipment through the computer, greatly improving the sedimentation efficiency and enhancing the clarification effect.
Adapt to the original water turbidity (suspension content) below 3000mg / L. In the case of maximum raw water turbidity, the turbidity of the coagulated precipitated water does not exceed 100 mg/L.
The overall structure of the equipment and the internal composite packing are designed reasonably, which effectively reduces the floor space of the equipment and is convenient for operation and maintenance.
The equipment runs without mechanical agitation, has good hydraulic conditions, and is highly convergent and precipitated for high turbidity water.
It can be operated intermittently or continuously, with stable performance and no noise during operation.
With dedicated operating platform and escalator to facilitate the operation, maintenance and overhaul of the equipment.

Structure and working principle

The clarifier inlet and outlet modes are upward and upward, and the bottom is sludge discharge and sludge circulation. A plurality of sampling holes are arranged on the bottom of the equipment bucket, and a sight glass can be set as needed to observe the amount of test sludge.
After the mixed reaction, the raw water enters the water in the upper steady flow tank of the equipment after the mixing reaction, and flows into the lower part of the vertebral body along the two sides of the tank, and the vertebral body passes upward through the combined packing area, and the specially designed combined packing is at the height and the installation angle. Different from ordinary clarifiers, it is more conducive to the separation of sludge and water to accelerate the sedimentation of sludge. The effluent of the equipment adopts the upper special water channel to collect water, so that the flow rate of the water is uniform, and the turbulence is reduced to achieve the treatment effect. The upper part of the clarification tank is used to collect the mud bucket. The angle of the mud bucket is large, ensuring smooth mud discharge, high sludge concentration, mixing with the influent water, and quick contact and adsorption with the original impurity particles to achieve rapid separation of mud and water. The role of the coagulant and improve the efficiency of clarification.

Indicate the material and anti-corrosion requirements of the main equipment.
If the user has special requirements, it will be modified or designed and manufactured after consultation between the two parties.
Our company can provide users with perfect after-sales service such as design, installation and commissioning.​​​​​​