Buried sewage treatment equipment

Applicable to hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, residential quarters, villages and towns, ship docks, stations, airports, factories, mines, tourist spots, scenic areas, etc. Domestic sewage treatment or various indust


The equipment can be buried, semi-buried or placed above the surface of the earth. It can be arranged in a standard form and set according to the terrain.
The underground installation of the equipment does not occupy a large surface area, and there is no need to build a house and heating and insulation facilities. The upper part can be used as a greening area, parking lot, road, etc.
Microporous aeration, no clogging, high oxygenation efficiency, good aeration effect, energy saving.
Adopt integrated design, occupying less land, saving investment and low operating costs. Equipped with fully automatic control system.
New technology, good effect, less sludge; convenient operation and maintenance; low noise, long service life, continuous operation for more than 10 years.
To ensure the effectiveness of the device in the actual application, please provide the following data:
Handling water volume, raw water quality and water demand;
Equipment setting conditions, inlet and outlet pipe orientation settings, etc.
Other special requirements.