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We are professional environment protection company and sewage and air pollution treatment, including environment protecting project design, building, testing run, consultancy, equipment R&D.


Environment project design, building and testing run

Environment project constancy and technology support.

High concentration organic sewage treatment

Reclaimed water recycling and advanced treatment

Waste(bad)air treatment

VOC air treatment

Environment equipment R&D, production and sales.

IC、EGSB、UASB anaerobic reactor production, installation and testing run

The application of treatment technology including the Aerobic granular sludge internal reactor, MBR film


Starch and ramification, alcohol, protein, papermaking, pharmacy, petrochemical engineering,slaughtering, sugar refine, yeast, gelatin, zymin,hotel and catering and new village building.


We have many environment treatment technology including anaerobic internal reactor(IC), Expanded Granular Sludge Bed(EGSB)、Up flow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion(UASB)、biological aerated filter(BAF)and MBR film reactor, Fenton-like-fluidized bed.

The customized sewage treatment is available, skilled design, installation and trial team has been equipped.

We devote ourselves to build green, highly efficient environment treatment mode, and research and develop new technology with the idea of “highly efficient, economic, green “; bring the fresh technology to service our client.